Where to stay and what to do in Siem Reap

If you’re keeping up with our blog you’ll remember that in my last post about Cambodia, I promised to write three more detailed posts about each of the places we visited. This post is about Siem Reap, the first place we visited in Cambodia. It was love at first sight with Siem Reap. Within hours […]

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Thoughts on Cambodia

When I started this blog post I was going to write all about Cambodia and the places we visited in one post but when I started I realised the post would be huge! So instead, this initial post on Cambodia is going to cover my random observations and I’ll do three follow up posts on […]

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Yourowntrail Photo Gallery - Koh Tao

Our visit to Koh Tao in Thailand

Our second week in Thailand was spent on the beautiful island of Koh Tao. Thailand’s islands are very popular with tourists and we did some research into them all before deciding we would visit just Koh Tao rather than island hop. We really liked the sound of Koh Tao and its laid back diving community […]

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Bangkok and The Grand Palace

We have now been travelling for just over two weeks and it feels like much longer. We have visited Bangkok, Koh Tao and Kanchanaburi in Thailand.   When we arrived in Thailand we spent 4 days in Bangkok. The first two days we stayed in the Din Daeng district at Siamaze Hostel and the second […]

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A rough itinerary

  Hello! Apologies for the delay in posting our itinerary for our big trip. I’ve been too busy eating curry, visiting temples and scratching insect bites to blog! Unfortunately Jake is recovering from a sore tummy so I’m blogging while he has a nap (not so great for him but it has won me some […]

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About me, Lisa Forte

Hello, I’m Lisa Forte, a 20 something Scot and amateur explorer. I have always been mildly jealous of people who appear carefree and happy. This jealousy grows rapidly if the happiness can be attributed to an extensive and exotic travel history.   For years I have been envious of friends who have made the decision […]

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