Top Valentines day gifts for the traveller in your life

It’s getting to the time of year again when you have to start thinking about Valentines day. And no, being on the road doesn’t let you off the hook. Picking a good Valentines day gift is tricky at the best of times but its even harder if you’re on the road and you have to find a practical gift that won’t just add unnecessary weight to your significant others backpack. Hopefully this list will help solve that problem by giving you ideas of practical and romantic gifts for your other half.

Luxury travel wallet 

This one only really works if she doesn’t already have one or is due an upgrade. Something that’s beautiful and practical will undoubtedly bring a smile to her face. I love these travel wallets from Lisa Angel on 

I love this Havana travel wallet from

I love this Havana travel wallet from

The inside is beautiful and practical

The inside is beautiful and practical

Travel Journal

Similar to the wallet it’s best to check if she already has a diary before buying her another. But remember these things get used up and she might need another one soon! I love the cotton range of travel journals.  Personally this one if my favourite. I think it’s quite romantic. 

CottonOn has a wide range of travel journals - this is my favourite

CottonOn has a wide range of travel journals – this is my favourite

Travel inspired jewellery

This one can go two ways. You can go for a generic but still beautiful piece of travel jewellery from a website like or you can seek out a locally made piece that has some connection to a place you have visited. We recently saw necklaces at Manly market that had a long chain with a globe of sand attached. The sand inside was from Manly beach. What a lovely souvenir. has a wide range of travel inspired Jewellery has a wide range of travel inspired jewellery

These pendants hold sand from beaches of your choice. I love this idea.

These pendants hold sand from beaches of your choice. I love this idea.

Map of where you have been together

If you’re at home at the moment and can afford to give something bulky as a gift then I love the idea of a map with pins of where you have travelled together. Not only will it proudly display where you’ve been but it will bring to mind awesome memories of your adventures whenever she looks at it. I like this map by Pinmytravels but it’s pretty pricey at over $100. I’d be tempted to get my hands on some high quality map wrapping paper, frame it and find my own cute little heart pins to go with it! 

Pinmytravels do some beautiful maps that can be personalised

Pinmytravels do some beautiful maps that can be personalised

Dinner and their favourite tipple

Thinking of travellers who are currently on the road it’s not always practical to buy physical gifts for one another. Didn’t you spend weeks planning what you would pack to avoid over packing? I know I did and I’m loathed to add items just because its Valentines day. This might sound cynical but you haven’t felt how heavy my back pack is! Well treating your significant other to a meal at a local restaurant might be the solution. The only caveat with this one is that restaurants hike up their prices on V day so I’d recommend discussing this with your significant other and agreeing to go another night. Even if you don’t spend less you’ll get more wine for your money and who doesn’t like that?

I'd recommend skipping dinner on the 14th for another night

I’d recommend skipping dinner on the 14th and going out another night

A day trip 

Again this present is weightless but very thoughtful. Depending where you are in the world planning a day trip as a valentines day surprise could get you some serious brownie points. Scientific research highlights the impact of gifting people with experiences as being greater than gifting people with physical objects making this a top idea. Go book! 

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 22.55.26

A day trip is a gift that will be appreciated by any traveller (p.s this isn’t me in the photo, I got the photo from, happy now Jake?)

A couple of nights in more up market accommodation 

We are on a budget so we usually stay at hostels or shared Airbnb accomodation. This means we don’t always have our own space or the space we do have is basic. If you’re like us a nice gift would be to surprise her with a few nights of “fancy” accommodation. This is what Jake and I have got one another. This Vday we’ll be spending three days at our own apartment in Newcastle, NSW, instead of in the local hostel!

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 22.28.24

This valentines day we will be swapping shared accommodation for some space of our own


Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 22.29.17

Our vday treat to one another

That thing they don’t treat themself to when they travel 

I need you to do some thinking for this one, what does your other half love that they don’t normally have because they are on the road or watching their budget? Well why not get them that. For Jake it’s a good coffee. These are usually off limits because they are costly but this vday I’ll make sure he gets a fancy coffee from the local coffee shop. This is a pretty cost effective way to make sure your significant other enjoys their day and its likely to hit the spot. 

Small luxuries will make for a special day

Small luxuries will make for a special day

 Wishing you a lovely Vday


I’d love to hear your thoughts in these ideas and if you take the plunge with one of them. Alternatively, are you a traveller who got an awesome gift for vday, share with us what it was!

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  • Ailene February 10, 2015   Reply →

    Hey hey how funny as I was actually about to draft a post similar to this. I think I’ll just reblog yours if that’s ok =) These are great ideas & it would be nice to get one of these from my other half *cough* haha I will definitely show him these.

    We will always remember our Vday in 2013 – we decided to skip the usual dinner/flowers/gifts/romantic gestures. Instead, we spent it at a Favela in Rio – We did make heart gestures for the camera to “commemorate” this non-holiday hahah

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